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New startup creates resume data visualizes and maps out future careers
www.psfk.com|14th September 2012
The company is testing a service in private beta that shows you who and what you need to know to achieve your career goals, analyzing more than 7 million profiles to give you most relevant results.
Blazing a career
trail with app
www.nypost.com|8th September 2012
Trying to figure out how to achieve your career objectives? ResumUP will help you visualize your goals and identify who and what you need to know to reach them.

This tool reveals what experiences you need before getting your dream
www.businessinsider.com|6th September 2012
ResumUp is a tool that reveals to its users the exact jobs they need to have before eventually getting their dream career, depending on the experience that they already have and the experiences that they will gain in each new position.
ResumUP builds a roadmap to your dream career
lifehacker.com|2th September 2012
ResumUP is not just another visual resume creation tool, it's a gorgeous way to plan your career path. The webapp generates a step-by-step roadmap to your dream career, with a list of skills to learn and connections you have who might be able to help you achieve your career goals.
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